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“A Good Reputation is more valuable than Money”- says CEO & Founder of edify next

Reputation Management-

In this competitive internet world, Reputation management is the prime essence for any company. Business owners today, know the importance of online reputation that can affects their goals and success in different markets.

Nowadays, Internet or web, no doubt, open window for rumors and bad press to spread quickly around the world than ever before. As 83% of people conduct online research before making any deal, maintaining and establishing a positive online reputation could make a big difference for the success of your business.

Negative reviews on review sites, worse blog posts and poor comments for your name or brand that will often rank in Google may distort the truth in an unpleasant way or may be completely fake or untrue. That is the reason, reputation management is vital for maintaining good business name, sustain the trust of loyal patrons and to keep existing customers as well.

Track Your Online Reputation Status-

Reputation management is all about tracking sentiments including the views and opinionsabout your company across all social media platforms, who are saying what and after thatanalyzing and reporting key metrics.

edify next Dubai is a specialized digital marketing and ORM firm controlled byexperienced professionals in Online Reputation Management services all over the world.

We Take Online Reputation Management A Step Ahead

With the help of professional ORM techniques, we can completely change your online presence. We believe to implement 100% ethical SEO techniques that will push down negative reviews and comment much deeper in Google.

Types of ORM Services Offered by edify next

The bad comments and reviews are not only the problem for your name, but also they could be a potential threat to your business. Thus, edify next offers two types of ORM Services for tackling two different subjects-


Your rival would aim at “killing two birds with one stone” i.e. they mayreview against your name only, but their intentions will also be to damage your business aswell. We help thus by offering our Personal ORM Services to protect image in both prospects.We push down negative links in effective ways.


Business ORM is one of the toughest jobs in online reputation managementservices. Managing the impression of a business on search engines is very hard to bemaintained continuously. But, the service provided by edify next is not bound to anyobstacles and ascertain the prominent topmost place of businesses on Google like searchengines. Our proper, professional and ethical ORM practices confirm the assurance for required results.

Procedure of Obtaining Best ORM Results-

Remove Negative Comment/Reviews-
You never know who is upset from your responseand activities and as per owner’s point of view, this could possibly be a threat to your reputation. An unsatisfied customer, employee can put any unwanted comments or reviews against your name or website and this could take down yourreputation on Google. edify next ensures that these comments and reviews would notharm your online status to an extended limit and you again earn them by removing them at theearliest.

Repair Online Management-
We offer “Repair Online Management” service to those customers whose names are already down the page and thus causing issues to the customer. This is why you need repairing of your online reputation. In the technology driven business competition, customers are searched, reviewed and optimized through search engines. So, make sure your online presence is going well on the Google and other search engines.

Manage Online Reputation-
Once your damaged repute is repaired, it is needed to be managed properly so that no further breakage of your online status would occur. edify next measures this as one of the most critical challenges while nurturing a name or business on the Google page. It is noteworthy to understand that your top position on SERP secures best result for you and your business, both. Manage your online reputation with edify next , a top-notch ORM Company Dubai & India.

  • Years of experience in handling ORM for individuals and from small organizations to large businesses corporate accounts in different areas.
  • Assurance of privacy and confidentiality for all clients.
  • In- house bloggers, writers, professional ORM and social media experts
  • Positive results within said time frame.
  • Smart web optimization that ensure high ranks of positive images and content about you and your brand
  • Our services respond and repair your brand’s image prior the problem grows.

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